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Rice Storage Box:

Our this Rice box is a practical rice barrel suitable for the public. The side of the cover is designed at an inclined Angle, which is convenient for application. The capacity is 10-15-20-25kg.Warm color, high quality, 100% pure PP material,

Is a very characteristic hot - selling products.

Are there any problems in life? Multi-function rice storage box to help you solve. 1. Poor sealing, easy to grow insects. 2. Poor moisture resistance, easy to deteriorate. 3. Ordinary bags are not hygienic
1. Visible quality assurance. 0 formaldehyde, health and environmental protection, high quality materials, safe and secure use, formaldehyde detection and display, visible quality

2. Transparent half flip design. Transparent flip, easy to take. The top of the lid is opened with a transparent flap and a rice mouth. It is clear at a glance.

3. Increase capacity and store more. Large-capacity storage, whole grains are stored as needed, large capacity is available, and the whole family needs no small purchases for many times.

4. Tolmukaitse on eemaldatav. Pealmine kate on eemaldatav ja riisi hoidmiseks mugav. See sobib kahele teraviljatootele, nagu näiteks suurendatud riis, mitmesugused terad ja riisijahu. See on praktiline ja mugav.

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